Tokyo 2014 Day 1

September 29, 2014
tokyo japan asia

Aaand we are back in Japan. I suppose it was going to happen eventually.

This time around will be Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, but this time we will be adding Takayama to the list. Popular vacation town in the middle of the mountains somewhere. As luck would have it a volcano erupted there recently. Luckily the winds a blowing the ash in the other direction so we should be good.

imageRandom shop in inaricho. No inari here though snort snort

imageWhat’s that? We look tired? That’s because the damn Air Asia plane decides to arrive just before the final train departs the airport!


imageHere’s me at a ninja shop wishing I had a sword so I can be a cool ninja too

imageNeat design for the chairs at Ekimise in Asuakusa

imagePretending I’m Japanese. Quickly reverted to pyjamas, so much more comfy.

imageOur first hotel. Pretty good, barely any room to move but that is also known in Japan as “too much room”


imageMmm cold soba. A fare treat in Perth, but here it’s normal food! Wow!

imageThese mayo bottles have a convenient shape to grab onto

imageHad these the first time around. Still good!

imageEven the shopping trolleys were efficiently sized

imageThe ninja shop has targets for kids to aim at. I was tempted but decided against trying it out.

imageThe Japanese equivalent of an expedit perhaps?

imageSome toilets have the “Princess flush”. You can now perform perpetual poops in peace. It really helps surprisingly enough. Not as well as squat toilets though.

imageI really missed this drink. But I find I’m already getting sick of it. Uhoh…

imageYou too can be like a bee

imageBaskets on bikes are not for girls! They’re really handy!


imageGasp! It’s AKB48! GOLLY GOSH

imageFor those stressful phone calls…


imageAren’t crocs a sauna shoe? So waterproof for hot environments? Hmm…


imageEye widener, jaw openers, nose… Pointerers

imageNo one is allowed in the shop. AKB48 are THAT amazing

imageCame across an arcade that seemed to be exclusively rhythm games! Heaven? You be the judge.


imageThese guys were even hardcore enough to have gloves!

imageAkihabara at night.