December 22, 2015
Europe Switzerland Bern


We finally made it to Bern! Getting here was a lot more effort than you’d expect, mostly because of poor directions and getting hopelessly lost.

Cat Kingdom

So the guy has a cat door, and random cats keep entering and leaving. I’ve seen two cats so far and I’m pretty sure there are way more.

Champ cat

I got nothing against cats. They’re cute and fluffy animal. But my allergies certainly don’t agree! I gotta dose up on antihistamines for this entire stay.

The Place

So the guy used to own a bakery here. It’s actually really nice!

Picture from bedroom

It smells like pastries every morning which can be really distracting.


He also gives us home baked croissants every morning! They taste amazing!


It gets really foggy in that area at night since its near a river. We’re talking Silent Hill foggy here.

Prices in Switzerland

So a water bottle on the train cost me around 7AUD. We bought it on the train out of pure desperation. Next time I’ll just die I think! But seriously the prices in Switzerland are insane. Everything costs around 1.5x what Perth does. The difference is that the quality is consistently high.

But trains that cost 20 bucks to go a small distance, Chinese food that cost 30 dollars per dish, 70 dollar cheese fondues. Its a rip if it was any other country. Though beer is super cheap though compared to Perth, so there’s that.