December 23, 2015
Europe Switzerland Gruyere


Gruyere scenery train 1

Gruyere scenery train 2

So we’ve been eating this cheese called Gruyere cheese recently. It tastes kind of like an aged cheddar. Good stuff, and around 72 bucks a kilo back at home. Steph found out that there is a place in Switzerland called Gruyere, and they make that exact cheese! So of course we had to go.

The train took a couple of hours.

Gruyere toilet

This was the only available public toilet in the town. So naturally it had to be as intimidating as possible!

Giger museum

The HR Giger museum is here! I have no idea why, maybe he lived here?

Chalet restaurant

We ate lunch at this restaurant. I think its famous or something. Anyway we had cheese fondue here and it was really damn good.

Cheese fondue

Gruyere cheese cheaper in Gruyere than Australia believe it or not!


Great view from the castle walls.

Alternative places

The original plan was to go dog sledding but due to survival instincts we didn’t go. Basically the dog sledding place was in the middle of nowhere (in the mountains on the France/Swiss border) and to actually get there takes multiple trains, lots of walking and the area itself doesn’t work on Google Streetview or GPS. So we backed out out of fear!

HR Giger Museum

Giger 1

Giger 2

Giger 3

As I mentioned before the HR Giger museum was here! Steph couldn’t handle the freaky content of his work but she went in anyway. I thought it was really interesting, and the extremely unsettling nature of his work keeps me interested.


We went to Bern after Gruyere. Didn’t get much done, met up with some friends and ate some food. We also visited the old town which has lots of creepy cellars! I find cellars intriguing, I have no idea why.

Old Town Bern 1

Old Town Bern 2

Old Town Bern 3

Some pics of old town. Mostly unchanged from medieval times or something?

Bear 1

Bear 2

A statue of a bear! How can we NOT ride it?

Cellar 1

Cellar 2

Cellar 3

Cellar 4

Those extremely inviting cellars everywhere. They lead to normal shops, not evil horrible dungeons or what you might expect.

Dinner 1

Dinner 2

Dinner at Restaurant Loetschberg. It was pretty good.


So the transport company here is called SBB CFF FFS. I have no idea what it stands for but that’s gotta be like 9 syllables man.

Pizza wall

Even the microwaved pizzas look really cool.


Tasty food within perhaps?

Music Instruments 1

Music Instruments 2

Mysterious musical instruments were there too. Midget saxes and bamboo saxes.