Hong Kong Mk III Part One - Arrival and Accomodation

October 3, 2015
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Hello again!

Here we are in Hong Kong yet again. This is our third time here! I guess we never learn. Who would’ve thought that Hong Kong is not the most ideal place to relax and chill out.

Anyway might as well track our progress. When I’m 100 years old I’ll be saying wise words such as:

Damn son, I was in Hong Kong 3 times by the time I was your age.

Other than that, not much bragging rights. Maybe Hong Kong will be swallowed up by the Chinese manufacturing beast by then and no one know Hong Kong as it is today. Sort of like the Kowloon Walled City before it was knocked down.

Hell, just by living in Mirador Mansion I feel like I’m living down here with the dregs of society. This is what Batman did to become stronger so I, too shall become.


Changi Airport

I had surprisingly good food here. Ayam Penyet, which Steph insists is a very, very, very Indonesian dish.

Social Tree

This massive tree was surrounded by devices where you can play (really really badly built) games.

Purikura thing

And also take photos of yourself!

Flower mural

Huge random mural things were everywhere.

Hainan Chicken

Here’s one of my favourites.


Damn we had an entire squad of noisy kids on that plane. There was a baby that kept crying for 90% of the flight. I think it was laugh-crying somehow too.

Hong Kong!

Holy moly there are a lot of people here. Apparently its Golden Week in China, which translates to Every Single Chinese Person Comes to HongKong for a Holiday Week.

Yay slums!

So the first time we came to Hong Kong we stayed at USA hostel in Mirador Mansion! We pretty much swore never to go there again, mostly for health reasons and also for survival. Anyway we didn’t check the address of the accomodation this time around, and as luck would have it, its in Mirador Mansion!

We planned our entrypoint thoroughly before arrival and made sure we knew exactly where to go and how, so that we wouldn’t be loitering around any more than we needed to.

MiradorMansion Outside vs Inside.

The room itself actually wasn’t too bad. There was the ever present smell of mould permeating but its nothing we haven’t experienced before. The hotel in Macau and also in Vietnam all had the same problem.

…To highclass living

So after living it up at Mirador Mansion we had pretty low standards for our next location in Tung Chung. We were mistaken! Tung Chung was absolutely beautiful and… weird.

TungChung1 TungChung2 TungChung3

So apparently there’s almost nothing here except residents. Its like a mine site village where a large majority people are there for work (except this time its for airlines instead of messing about with big rocks). There’s pretty much no crime here (I hope?). There are multiple ‘phases’ of apartments which aren’t really apartments, but more like gigantic skyscraper high rise hotels.

Tung Chung View 1 Tung Chung View 2

Each building is about 60 floors, and there are about 9 towers at the moment? All the towers are connected together and contain shopping centers, malls, kindergartens, gyms, swimming pools, the works. I suppose its similar to a resort that you’d get at a casino hotel, except everyone lives there.

Its bizarre. Its like what you’d get in urban sprawl, such as a very quiet environment, peaceful living, minimal traffic, except everyone is in high rise apartments.

We tried to go to Disneyland which was nearby. Unfortunately the staff and crew were so rude we actually left once we made it to the gate. Maybe next time.


We did the AirBnB thing here. We were basically housemates of two other people for a day on the 58th floor of the caribbean coast towers (phase one)

Tung Chung Lobby 1 Tung Chung Lobby 2

This is the lobby of the apartment. It looks like a fancy hotel!