Hong Kong Mk III Part Three - Other Stuff

October 6, 2015
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Tech stuff

train progress bar I love Hong Kong’s airport express train’s progress bar.

usb seats

One of the malls had seating areas which exist only to charge your phone. Its a great idea! Too bad my phone’s battery capacity is too big now, so these are useless to me.

Neat shops

Ghibli Shop!

Catbus Steph Catbus

Ghibli shops are great! The studio doesn’t make movies anymore (I think?) so its nice to see that the knick knacks are still being sold. But man, one of the clocks in there were available for 700AUD! 700! Goddamn, that better be one unbelievably useful clock. Like, it better tell the time and stuff.

Ghibli Pat

Ghibli Pat


City skyline grid

This is a nice view of the city skyline from the Ocean Terminal. Or Harbour City. I’m not really sure what its called, there are like three department stores mushed together into one super store.

Note the (literally) breathtaking pollution and smog.

Other weird things

Wally Busker I found him!

Dr Hige This guys gig was REALLY REALLY weird. I can’t really explain it. The dude basically just builds random experimental musical instruments.


A really freaky robot who tried to be helpful. It wasn’t helpful, though it took a photo of us so that wins some points.

Other random things


A shop with a lame pun.


A shop with a cute name. Cafe Moomoo!

chocolate shop

Literally the only reason this photo exists is because I needed more photos of myself. I didn’t even go in this shop.

egg tarts

The bag in my hands is a bunch of egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery. Not as good as the ones mentioned a few posts ago (that were bought from the excellently named Macau Yummy Yummy).


This time around the typhoon level was only level 3. Nice and safe, unlike last time where the rain was biblical, man.