Hong Kong Mk III Part Two - Food

October 6, 2015
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This won’t be a daily blog, mostly because life in Hong Kong tends to blur into a big mush of stuff. So here are some highlights.

Food in Hong Kong!


The workers here work at a breakneck pace, and I find myself constantly slowing everyone down. Its a lovely change from Malaysia. Here in Hong Kong, the service is bad because there are a billion people and so much to do. As opposed to my time in Malaysia where the service was bad because it was.

No one is approachable or friendly here in Hong Kong, they just want to give you your food and then move on to the next customer. The (lack of) service in the Perth Chinese restaurants makes so much more sense!



I love kaya toast, I have no idea why.


Here is some we had in Hong Kong. Unfortunately it was absolutely terrible. Dry bread, too much milk in the tea, awful actual food. We ate it again later in the airport and it was much better.

Hong Kong style

TsuiWah Tsui Wah! Simple breakfast food that is open 24 hours. TsuiWah My favourite soup bowl spoon hybrid from last time. TsuiWah

Lunches/Brunchy stuff

Dim Sum!

timhowan Found a decent yamcha place called Tim Ho Wan. We went to the branch in Sham Shui Po. It tasted like most dimsum except they have… BAKED PORK BUNS. These tasted like pineapple buns with BBQ pork inside. Sogoodman.

Fish balls!


We did a restaurant crawl during lunch and ended up here. It was good! I think the bowl cost about 7AUD and there was heaps of food in it also.

Crab congee!

chee kei chee kei There was a place we went to the very first time in Hong Kong called Chee Kei. Finally got around to eating there near the end of our trip and it was (still) pretty good!

Pizza Hut!

Believe it or not, Pizza Hut is a high end restaurant in Asia. We had great pizza here, which was nothing like actual pizza.

Pizza Hut Menu Pizza Hut Menu

The menus were really fancy too.


Its a garlic bread kind of affair, with stuffed crusts and a sensible quantity.


Yeah we ate Vietnamese food while in Hong Kong. The restaurant was called Nha Trang in Ocean Terminal. We were Australian tourists, eating Vietnamese food in Hong Kong, and were served by waiters who spoke to us in Japanese. Its like multiculturalism, but for Asians!

Lok Yat

The best duck house was Lok Yat in Central.

Lok Yat

The roast was REALLY good here. Not sure why. Lots of MSG?

Suckling Pig

Took us ages to get some suckling pig. Tried two places over the first part of the trip but they never ever had it in stock! Eventually found a place that had it, which turned out to be the place we went to eat suckling pig the FIRST time were in Hong Kong! Sheesh.


Geese are one of the things you can’t eat while in Perth, I really have no idea why. I made it my mission to eat lots and lots of geese in Hong Kong and I did!


Hui Lau Shan

huilaushan dessert

Hui Lau Shan was a dessert store we really enjoyed last time. As luck would have it, we really enjoyed it this time also.

huilaushan dessert

So they invented this great drink that has… Mango, Aloe and Coconut. I think. We had it almost every day!


huilaushan dessert We had heaps of egg tarts in Hong Kong as well. The Portugese style ones are great!.

Tung Chung


The service was really good in Tung Chung! It was a breath of fresh air and confusion. I thought I stepped into Taiwan or Japan for a second. Everyone was polite and understanding, patient and helpful.


Unfortunately the food was pretty bad here. Really bad. Like “this is the first time I don’t finish my meal” bad.


Watami was decent but its a popular chain common in Asia, so at least its consistent.

Little Onion

This place was pretty awful. We went here because it was late at night and we couldn’t be bothered walking the 20 odd minutes to the mall. The atmosphere and service was the good but the food was not. You can never have everything in Hong Kong!

soup pasta risotto onion