Japan-Korea Day 1 - Nara

July 5, 2015
japan nara asia

Nara! 奈良市! Big Temples and Stuff!

Hello! We’ve finally landed in Japan. We’ve been to this country way too many times yet here we are! I think its because we’ve reached the point where going to Japan is just a comfortable process. We speak the language (terribly), and we can blend in (terribly)!

We took Malaysia Airlines this time to the country. The flights were cheaper and quite empty. I assume its because of the recent issues Malaysia Airlines have been having regarding keeping track of their planes, but seriously the flight was pretty good. Free blankets/pillow/food/TV thing. The TV was useless though (busted screen). Also we sat next to a cute little girl who was quite quiet and pleasant but had an extremely short fuse and likes to kick me while she’s sleeping sideways.

Desperate and tired we ate this food in KLIA. It was… really… really… DAMN GOOD. Is that the desperation speaking? I’m not sure.

This old dude had a super cute luggage which was only outmatched by the luggage in front (Steph’s).

Also the plane from KL to Osaka was almost completely empty! We managed to score an entire row to ourselves woohoo! We can sleep on the chairs and end up giving ourselves really, really sore backs! =D

Landed at the airport, mad dash for the ‘limousine bus’ to Nara, got to the guesthouse at 9am. Check-in was at 3pm! Noooo. We just walked around like a zombie for a few hours, exhausted from the flight. The entire city was like a ghost town; turns out everyone sleeps in and shops on open at 11:30am.

Super advanced tap at the airport also had the Dyson airblade as part of it!

Magical coiny-slopey-accepterer!

This is boring, there’s nowhere to put my dr…

…ink! Ah.

I got no idea what this place is, maybe a cemetery? A temple? Something natural looking.

Aww yes now to continue my collection of prefecture specific sewer manholes!

This guy was hosting a radio show wide open to the public. Must be embarassing but it didn’t seem to bother him much.

This was outside a clock store. ACTUAL birds! They were making chirping noises and we assumed that they were clock… machination… things.

Lunchtime! My choice of food is boring. But you can’t go wrong with tonkatsu.

We found a few more of those birds nests.

Gasp! Its the food of my people! I bet they have tasty rice.

Suspicious looking flag though.

So this is what Vietnamese cuisine is like…

Mizu-manju! Agaragar with red bean inside is the best way to describe it. Pretty interesting.

We visited a lake also.

I got no idea what this was. Was it safe to take photos of it? I will never know.