December 30, 2015
Europe Switzerland Karlsruhe


We’ve made it to Germany! We’re in a small town called Karlsruhe.

A few years ago for her practicum, Steph made a friend who lived here.


We made it here after a 4 hour bus ride!

Cycle Tour

Yesterday Steph’s friend showed us around the town. We had a look at various universities, and outdoor ice skating rink, and other things. Had dinner at a German pub.

Rink Woah so Christmas.

We also visited the palace/museum in the centre of the town.

It was known as the Oh My God museum. No I’m not kidding.

OMG Welcome to OMG

Museum We went through the museum quite fast as it was mostly a stop between the observation point and the ground floor.

Dinner Student style dinner. Cheap tavern food!

There was much more cycling than we typically do, well, ever. So today will be a rest day I think. Steph’s legs will be dead until tomorrow. The original plan was to go to Strasbourg today but that might be delayed to tomorrow now.


This city is north of Karlsruhe. We did a bunch of touristy things there such as taking selfies, bridge walking, castle and church viewings. Steph was back at the house nursing her torn muscles from the crazy cycling the day before.

Lunch was a burger. I had a Christmas Burger. It had duck breast and red wine cabbage.

Heidelberg Lunch


Across the border into France is Strassbourg! This was a nice quaint little town. A river surrounds it and pretty much the whole city is picturesque. Apparently the center of the town used to be used to hold people infected with syphilis, so there’s that I suppose.

Forest Creepy iced over forest on the way to the town.

EV Station So progressive electric cars are supported! Not sure if charging is free though.

Strassbourg The city was very pleasant to look at.

Cathedral The cathedral was pleasant to look at also, but in a more ‘holy crap I can’t fit it all in my vision’ kind of way.

Soldiers Due to the recent terrorist attacks, the army patrols the streets regularly and police often do searches on suspicious brown people.

Christmas Decoration One of the reasons to come to this town was because the Christmas markets still run after Christmas. Unfortunately the terrorist attacks have resulted in the Christmas markets being all cancelled. The decoations are there though.

Flambe So the French have something called Flammkuchen (German?). Anyway its basically pizza, but better! Its like a super crispy pizza.

Steak Steph ate a steak. Misses home I guess.

Ate some tasty food, walked around, looked at an unbelievably epic cathedral, and drank very good glauwine.

Cooking pizza

After the cycling session we just stayed inside and baked pizza from a weird instant pizza mix.

Pizza box Its magic!

Pizza dough



Everything is so much cheaper here than in Switzerland. We’re talking a standard wurst is probably 13 the price! That’s insane! Single digit prices!

Gluhwein costs 2.5EUR! My cash has power again!