January 11, 2016
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I don’t even know why there are still phoneboxes around.

Big Ben

We’re in London! We took the train to London from Paris! It took about 2.5 hours and we were terribly squished in the cabin. Not to mention people took our overhead storage space. It wasn’t very comfortable.

Whacky building

Holy crap look at that thing.


I don’t even know what building this is.

We stayed in Shoreditch, which was (allegedly) a really dodgy area but has been improved since.


Camden Market

Nah just kidding we didn’t do much shopping at all here. Went to Camden Market a couple of times because it’s interesting, but didn’t go crazy. We’re being frugal and responsible!


London blazing the way!


Double deckers

Apparently double decker red buses are a famous icon of London. I had no idea.


We visited platform 9 34 from Harry Potter! We didn’t prebook tickets for the Warner Bros Studio Tour so we unfortunately did not get to do that. It’ll have to wait until next time I suppose.


There’s also a tourist trolley to get photos with.

Buckingham Palace

Some random gates near Buckingham Palace.


Always wear a stupid Amsterdam beanie when in London.


Green Park near the palace had squirrels! My first time seeing some.

Westminster Abbey

I know nothing about Westminster Abbey except that there is a TV show named after it.


And there’s a fancy school there.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown tickets were apparently completely sold out ages ago so there was no way to get tickets to that.

Crashed Bus

I missed this bus so I had to take the later one. I don’t really mind considering this bus here actually spun out of control and crashed into a shop.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holms Museum 2

At 221B Baker Street.

St Pancras

Yes, a hotel that was worth taking snaps of.


Really fancy machine that lets you throw in coins in any currency and get notes out of it (not in any currency).


There was a gigantic Amway here! It had all the products, and cafeteria etc. I didn’t even know that was possible.


Theatre is a big thing in London apparently so we pre booked tickets to two musicals. Good thing we pre booked them both because it was so packed!

Book of Mormon

A musical about Mormons. It was surprisingly really good! Funny and all that. I hear Avenue Q is even better, so we’ll have to watch that if we get a chance.



Tim Minchin wrote the music for Matilda so we decided to check it out. I don’t think it was as good as Book of Mormon, but then again beating that musical would be pretty difficult since it’s one of the highest rated ones in recent memory.

I think the issue is that I had issues understanding the lyrics and dialogue compared to the other one. Also the story I was already familiar with as I’ve watched the movie before. And not as funny. I dunno.


As a general rule of thumb, I tend to think of the food in London as double the price of what you’d pay for in Australia.


First thing we ate when we got here.

The food ranges from appallingly horrid (hahah look how British I sound) to absolutely splendid. Also kind of like back at home now that I think about it. But back at home I have lived there for long enough that I know where to eat and where to avoid. In London we often choose a random place, with bad results. Sticking to reviews really helps out in this case.



The “Bone Brothers” in the Soho area makes decent Ramen (allegedly) so we decided to check it out. I think it was pretty good.

High Tea

We had a set of high tea (well the Brits call it Afternoon Tea unlike us classless Aussies). It was at the Cellarium at Westminster Abbey.

It was awful! Never go here! Service was pretty much absent. Food was cold (we had to ask them to microwave it for us) and wasn’t very tasty.

Horrid High Tea

It was cheap though. Well by England standards anyway (everything is very expensive!).

The food was so offensive that we went ahead and booked a super high end afternoon tea at St Ermin’s hotel.

Splendid High Tea

Much better here, and with a 2 for 1 deal it wasn’t too expensive either!

St Ermin

The hotel (St Ermins) is really fancy too.

Apparently it was used during WW2 to plan… Stuff. Amongst other things. Historically important!

TGI Fridays

So TGI Fridays is an American chain apparently, but we were here randomly after theatre and discovered that the food was actually really good! Good enough that we came to another branch the next night (it was pretty bad the second time) and then the night after that (decent).

Bucket of bones

There is a dish called… A “bucket of bones”. It’s a bucket. Of bones. Really tasty too! So good it was worth coming back for.