Migration to Ghost

April 1, 2015

Hello, this is kind of a big deal. What is the big deal? Well this blog!

At first I thought it wasn’t that special. I mean all I was really doing was dumping photos with some captions so that my family can see what I’ve been up to on my vacations. The cool thing was that I have been semi consistent and now the blog is decently sized, with 130 posts and 1GB of (possible mostly superfluous) photos.

During the past six years we’ve seen the blog migrate from Blogspot to Wordpress. Now is time for the third (time lucky) migration! Enter…

Ghost Squad

Ghost is a sweet sweet blogging platform that I came upon by accident. It was on a Kickstarter awhile back and was created by an ex employee of Wordpress. The guy knows what he’s doing. So at the end of the wildly successful kickstarter we now have a self hosted blogging solution! It’s built off NodeJS and is remarkably simple to setup.

Also it works as it should. No fighting the interface here!

Get down to the Markdown

I’ve had so many issues with all the previous blogging platforms. A large number of the problems have been image hosting, crappy editors and just looking really amateurish.

I’ve been playing with Markdown for the past few weeks and have spent the days migrating from the WYSIWYG posts to MD. Its a LOT of work, but I’m so much happier with the results.

Its cleaner, easier to manage and much much more portable.

The path from here

Everything will be self hosted on a Raspberry Pi. I’ll need to buy a domain name and start cleaning up and customising Ghost. Its easier than expected and the community is decent too.

Markdown is pleasant enough that I’m happy to write randomly for the blog. I can even edit in Sublime Text! Its magical!

Anyhoo, until next time. Expect great things.