Qatar Airlines

December 21, 2015

Europe! (In 20 hours anyway)

So I’m typing this while on the plane to Qatar.

Surprising that we got here on time considering we arrived late and pretty much everything that could’ve went wrong, did.

  • Came late (normal)
  • Check-in dude was really unfriendly (not normal)
  • Check-in luggage got taken away for inspection
  • Tax Refund Scheme took ages (AND it got rejected)

So yeah we were on the final call for boarding. A healthy run later and we made it just in time on the plane!

Why am I even blogging about this? It’s pretty boring right? Well its because I just bought an Apple Magic Keyboard and wanted to see if it was any good for blogging on my phone. Surprise, it is!

Qatar Airlines Entertainment System

I can’t fathom why airline entertainment systems always suck so bad. Extremely laggy and crappy UI.

So anyway Qatar Airlines is pretty shmick. They even give you food! 30kg luggage allowance! Wine, spirits! Man we’re so used to budget airlines that its a weird feeling. I get suspicious when I see menus.

Qatar Airlines Menu

Food! Is that “Singaporean” free, or “free” free?

Anyway not much else to say, good night and see you soon my huge audience of 1 reader.