December 25, 2015
Europe Switzerland Sachseln

Sachseln is a small town in the geographic centre of Switzerland. A big deal apparently! Only about 5000 people live here. There’s a big church and that’s about it really. The house we’re staying in is pretty amazing, super high tech facilities but also a traditional wooden house.

View The view from the room

House The house itself

Latch Ancient latch system!

Powerpoint1 Powerpoint2 Swiss powerpoints confuse me.

This was mostly a stop between Jungraujoch and Zurich so we can get a decent rest. Plus the house looked really cool on AirBnB so we wanted to give it a go.

After Sachseln we stopped by Lucerne before going to Zurich. It was a nice city. We ate at a restaurant that Steph went to a few years ago.

Fritschi Restaurant Fritschi!