Seoul Mk2 Day 3 and 4

April 25, 2014
korea seoul asia


GANGNAM STYLE! We went to Gangnam today just because we could. Big regret, didn’t know what to do, where to go. Turns out its a huge district, and the actual tourist places aren’t at Gangnam station, they’re at Gangnam district! So you have to stop at another subway stop.


Regardless we pushed on to the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Headquarters. Its like the pilgramage I didn’t plan to do.


…Too bad it sucked. They need to pour more money into Taekwondo tourism. Museum was empty, no activities, completely quiet, no one was around, incredibly hard to find.


Oh well here’s me at the Kukkiwon gate.



…And trying to make the most of a boring museum.


I’m not sure where this was (just asked, apparently it was in Dongdaemun which is mentioned below).


“German” crushing chocolate! This was pretty fun. Basically you get a big ball of chocolate and you smash it with the mallet. Unfortunately I was a little too enthusiastic and I broke the paper bag as well so there was chocolate all over the place. My technique was too powerful!


Steph has succumbed to the desires of snail trail cream by the end of the trip. But lets face it, who DOESN’T want snail trail cream!

Dongdaemun was the next stop, and it was pretty crappy. Messy and packed. Mostly just fabrics and accessories that weren’t accessories yet… Just have to be combined together or something. Anyway it sucked.


Here are some skirts. I suspect the person that made them ran out of fabric.


When did we eat this? I have no idea.

Anyway the next day was the last day in South Korea. Sad, sad indeed. Not sad to leave behind the rock hard mattresses at least.

We actually decided to look around Honggik university area. Makes sense because we’re staying here. We went at 11am to be extra LATE so that we can buy stuff.

… Apparently 11am is ridiculously early. Everything was closed! Crazy stuff. Couldn’t really do anything so we left the area, and went elsewhere. Ehwa! By the time we got there everything was open so I guess it worked out.

Did some shopping, went back to Sinchon to eat that lovely lovely beef rib stew once more. Then dashed back to the hostel to get our luggage for our departure.


We later headed to the airport and found this random royal walk performance. The performance consisted of a guy pushing a trolley around with traditional music playing from the speakers and people dressed in traditional clothing walking REALLY slowly and bowing to musicians.

After each song I guess we were meant to clap in amazement or something but no one did. So there was a guy there whose job was to stand there and clap after each song. I’d hate to be that guy.


So we bought a cake to watch them do their slow walking.


On the way to the gate (we didn’t realise the was a freakin’ train had to take to get to the gate from the terminal, so we were incredibly late) there was a nice music performance in the middle of nowhere.


Eating these chocolates will make you into one of these K-Drama stars! You’ll be able to sing and breakdance too. Maybe.

So we were at the gate and there was 12 500 KRW left in my pocket. This damn seaweed cost 13 000 KRW. What to do!?! I ended up having to fish out my USD and paying the remainder with that. On the bright side, no leftover foreign currency.


…On the dark side, I just spent 13USD on seaweed.