Seoul MkII Day 2

April 23, 2014
korea seoul asia

Woof! We tried to go to another dog cafe this time (last time was in Busan if you remember). The first attempt was very disappointing, filthy, and mostly consisted of toy dogs yapping in your face constantly. We decided to give it another go as other online blogs have promising pictures.

In the end, it was the right decision to make. Giant wolf dogs abound!


…In fact, I think we accidentally went to a wolf cafe, not a dog cafe.


…Nope all good.


This dog earnt its keep by just standing like this patiently for awhile.


This dog had vision problems we think.


Golden retrievers always look so happy! I wonder if this is its sad face?


This photo was taken shortly before Steph was eaten by the wolves

All in all good fun. The dogs kind of ignore you if you don’t have any treats though, but I guess that comes with the job of being a cute dog that lives off being given treats constantly all day.


Feeling lazy today so we just got the hostel owner to order something in for us. Black bean noodles! Its an awesome system, the scooter guy delivers it. You eat the food and then leave the dishes on the stairs. He’ll come back and pick it up later. No fuss!