March 6, 2016
Australia Albany Western Australia


For some mysterious reason we decided to go to Albany this long weekend. It was a short holiday I suppose, and it was too expensive to go and fly somewhere for such a short period of time. Plus I haven’t been to Albany!

The trip

Non-stop it would be a 4.5 hour drive to Albany. It doesn’t SOUND horrific. But in the last couple of hours you start to derp really hard.

We started from Highgate, and departed at 220pm. I think we arrived around 730pm? So it took 5 hours.

We stopped by in Williams for a break. We brought a LOT of food with us. Way too much. Like three bags of food. I think we ended up eating about 10% of it.

The place

We went with AirBnB this time around. Turned out to be a great decision! The place is really nice, the hosts (Fay and Murray) were very accomodating, and it is a much better experience than holing up in some hotel/hostel/motel somewhere.

The view is great and it’s just like living at someone’s home really. I mean, it IS living in someone’s home!

The food

When we arrived at night we had to go out and eat. Ended up googling random places that were still opened. We drove to Ruster’s steakhouse but that was completely packed to the brim. Apparently you have to wait a long time to get a table as well. We moved on and found Venice Restaurant. Our hosts said they’re normally packed too, so we were lucky to be able to get a seat.

Both meals, penne and garlic prawns, were pretty good ! Prices were about the same as Perth. So expensive, but not back-breakingly-Swiss-prices expensive.

The tour

As I’m writing this, we’re about to head out and explore Albany. Our plan is to go to Bay Merchant cafe, wind farms, the gap, blow holes and the main street of Albany (York St).

The issues

My USB charger broke! Argh should’ve stuck with the Korjo one which cost 10x more. Gonna have to live of donated USB chargers from the hosts for now and on the last day will survive off the Hyperjuice battery pack thing.