October 1, 2016
Australia Western Australia

So we continued on our extremely long journey to Exmouth.

Today we went to Carnarvon. I say ‘went’, but it was more of a long, arduous, challenging trek.

Yet here we are!

mirage Oh god water! Oh wait that’s just a mirage


middle of nowhere selfie

Me trying to take a selfie while Steph is constantly being eaten by flies

We stopped by the Billabong Roadhouse halfway. Steph drove the first half (good jerb!) and I drove the second half.

billabong Roadhouse The classy upmarket Billabong Roadhouse

billabong Roadhouse Food Tasty rock-hard scones and chicken kiev

We finally got to Carnarvon and ate a chocolate covered banana, and sapote icecream at Morel’s. I have no idea what the sapote is. I suspect its Sapodilla/Sapoche.


We wanted to go to Bumbak’s for the same stuff but they close at 4pm!

We eventually got to our accomodation, at the Coral Coast Tourist Park. Its a caravan park but we are staying at one of the dongas.

Our new home.

outside donga 1 outside donga 2 It looks bigger than our apartment!

inside donga 1 Back to my natural minesite habitat

inside donga 2

There was a guy here equipped with the most amazing caravan I’ve ever seen!

caravan1 caravan2

Autobots, roll out!

We’re about to head off to dinner. Surely there’s some food around here right?

Tomorrow we will be heading to Exmouth!

UPDATE: Nope, we never made it to dinner. We decided to eat this instead.


Much tasty