Coral bay

October 5, 2016
Australia Western Australia

So today is the most vigorous and adventurous thing we’ve done together since ever!

The Driving of Car

We drove down from Exmouth in the morning. It was around 1 hour 45 minutes.

The Explorer of Sub Sea

snorkel3 We were too early to check into the hostel so we went straight to the tour that we booked earlier. Its called Sub Sea Explorer and it involves snorkelling and a glass bottomed boat!

coral1 coral2 coral3

Its underwater world!


Steph tells me that her last experience with a boat and snorkelling involved a lot of seasickness and vomiting. This time we came prepared with all sorts of knick knacks and medication for motion sickness. It semi worked!

snorkel2 Look at her go!

Meanwhile for me I am quite a weak swimmer. And by ‘weak’ I mean utterly useless.

selfie Yarr me just a land lubber. See how sad I am after snorkelling?

That said I managed to get some snorkelling done also. A lot of it was clinging on for dear life on the life ropes of the boat though. But still I was there and I did some snorkelling.

snorkel1 I was too scared to dive down so here are my legs

There was a really nice colourful fish that was playing around with the boat and swimming back and forth. After many attempts we managed to get a snap of it. The photo didn’t turn out very good though because of the poor lighting. But it took enough effort to get the photo itself so here it is:


The Accommodation

We checked into Ningaloo Club and crashed for a short power nap. This place was pretty crappy compared to the previous one actually. Its a hostel rather than a lodge. No facilities, drinking water only in the kitchen (salty bore water for showers!), no internet! I thought that was a basic human right by now. Well it is for wannabee cyborgs like me.

The Biking of Quad

QUAD BIKES! I’ve always wanted to ride one.


This was a sunset trek and we were at the front of the line initially. It was really embarassing though, I was having trouble controlling the bikes and kept jerking with a start and stop motion.

I eventually got the hang of it though. But I was still too scared to drift around corners!

We stopped at various places during the tour. quad2

Steph was getting pretty tired near the end, or maybe its just fatigue from my awful driving. quad3

Some of the views were really nice too. quad4

Another beach we stopped at. quad6

There was a moment where I did a huge jump off a ramp in the sand dunes and ended up smashing my face into the steering wheel so that was a problem. Otherwise awesome fun.


The Dinner at Bill’s

We ate at Bill’s tavern, which is one of many restaurants. I say ‘many’ but there are actually only four places to eat here!

food1 Some potato skins

food2 Steph insists the above is the best food she’s had in recent memory. At first I assumed it was because she has a very short memory but no, it turns out it was REALLY good.