October 3, 2016
Australia Western Australia

Oh god we’re finally here!

I can’t believe we made it!


We went to Bubinga Island in Carnarvon. Apparently its an island, but the river between is completely gone now. Sooo is it still an island? Who knows…

river Okay fine there was a little bit of water

We ate food on Bubinga Island-thing. Standard tasty cafe food.


There’s a water tower lookout that I went up.

waterlookout Much civilisation!

view So views!

coffeetrain Such coffee train stop thing!

We then went to Bumbak’s, got some great iced creams.


Along the way we passed a bunch of banana plantations. Interestingly, each of the plantations had large signs saying ‘NO JOBS’ or ‘NO BACKPACKERS’. I’m guessing they get a lot of unsolicited jobless types? I have no idea how a backpacker would end up here in the first place but yeah.

bananas Bumbak’s was on another island that also had no water in the river.

bridge Something something post apocalyptic


On the way was Coral Bay. Grabbed some bakery foods. Beach view was amazing! But we didn’t stay long, we had places to be, and we will be back in a few days anyway.

On the way there were thousands of ant hills.


We stopped at one to look closer.


Holy moly they’re so freaky! My trypophobia is tingling.


They remind me of the xenomorph hives from Alien. Brr…


Finally we made it to Exmouth!

The accomodation was really cool actually. The Ningaloo Lodge has amazing facilities, BBQ, kitchen, games room, marine section (for scaling your fish!), and lounge area.

kitchen outside gamesroom bedroom

We checked in then went straight to the beach!


Which actually sucked. No one was swimming or doing anything beach-y. Turns out actual BEACH beach stuff here in Exmouth is done by way of Turquoise Bay and friends, which are at least 50km away. Pah!

As an interesting aside, the dude in the photo stripped completely naked moments after this photo was taken. Maybe it was a nude beach? Or maybe he was just really enthusiastic about swimming.

Went for a quick swim at the pool to learn how to snorkel (oh no I can’t swim!) then decided to go buy way too many groceries.


But it ended up in a wonderful dinner, so I guess its okay…