Exmouth Second Day

October 4, 2016
Australia Western Australia

So today was the first tour of the trip. We were looking forward to it, mostly because we travelled three days to get to this point!


We got picked up late from the bus stop at 11am instead of 1030am. Got a tour around Exmouth and learnt about the history of the area.

Here we have the lookout point of a now defunct lighthouse.

lighthouse lighthouse2

We went for a swim at Osprey Bay.


We visited Yardie Creek for a cruise in a little boat and saw a bunch of wallabies.

yardiecreek1 yardiecreek2 yardiecreek3

We then went snorkelling! It was really fun actually, and I didn’t die a watery death like I expected to. I had a few snorkel fails though and had to swim back to shore.

Not many photos this time around unfortunately, we did not have a decent enough waterproof camera. iPhone 7 maybe? :)


Toilets weren’t so crash hot either

On the way back there were kangaroos everywhere! We also spotted an echidna.


Dinner at Blue Lips. Just a nice simple fish and chips shop. The original plan was to eat at Whalers, fancy pub/restaurant place. But we sat there flagging down every waitress we saw for about 20 minutes and was ignored the whole time so we left.

bluelips mackerel

Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Coral Bay for more snorkelling!