October 1, 2016
Australia Western Australia

For some mysterious reason we decided to drive all the way to Exmouth. The place is allegedly great for snorkelling, swimming, beach activities among other things that we never ever do or have interest in.


Starting from Currambine the night before, we drove to Yanchep to get some tasty foods.

We visited Yanchep National park. We missed out on the last two tickets for the Crystal Caves guided tour so we visited the super short collapsed cave walk.

It was about 500m.


We stopped by the Pinnacles. Apparently you can use your Yanchep National Park tickets at the Pinnacles! We didn’t stay long, considering a giant storm was in progress. We mostly just stayed in the car and looked at rocks.

Following this we visited the Lobster Shack for some tasty… Lobster!

The place was absolutely packed with Chinese tourists. I’m glad to see our economy being pushed along by the tourism industry.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay has nice beaches so we decided to go for a romantic stroll along the beach. It ended up being us fighting a sandstorm and facing down the elements as we trekked along the sandy dunes.

We didn’t stay that long.


A few hours later and we’re in Geraldton! A friendly cat by the name of Hans lives here also, and he likes to make my life as allergic as possible by walking all over me.

This is us right now: