October 8, 2016
Australia Western Australia

We got up super early today, at 730am. This was so we actually see the dolphins this time around.

Steph thinks it was lame, because it was really windy and cold, it was raining, and the dolphins their sweet time to say hello.


We also didn’t get a chance to feed them! The volunteer yesterday gave us a tip to wear “outlandish clothing” so that we are distinct enough so that we get chosen during the feeding. Unfortunately I guess our clothing wasn’t crazy enough this time around! They ended up choosing the guy next to us wearing navy top and brown shorts.


Steph was really upset that she didn’t get chosen as she was really looking forward to feeding the dolphins.


Lots of pelicans come out when the dolphins are there because they want to steal their fish.


I was in camo that day so the pelicans could not spot me.


We then had breakfast at the Boughshed Restaurant.


As I’m typing this we are on the way out of Shark Bay and will be visiting Hamelin Pool on the way to Kalbarri, our next stop.

UPDATE: Well we finally made it to our awesome accomodation. We’re basically living on one side of someone’s house. kalbarri

Along the way we visit Nature’s Window. Its a walking trail that is to our level. As in, 10 minute walk only.


The drive to the trail was really long and bumpy. view

naturewindow1 naturewindow2 naturewindow3 naturewindow4 naturewindow5 naturewindow6 naturewindow7

I brought my selfie stick because I am a tourist. selfie1

Flies were eating us alive, as well as my backpack. flytastic

We’re driving home tomorrow! Its gonna be even longer than today.

UPDATE: So we felt like eating dinner at home today. I got takeaway from Kalbarri Pizza and Pasta. Steph ate the chilli mussel spaghetti and I ate the chicken penne. We also got some garlic bread and beer.

The chilli mussels were REALLY hot but Steph loved it.

The chicken penne was also amazing.

Garlic bread was quite possible the most… awful garlic bread I’ve ever had the displeasure of eating. The bread was stale and bad.

The beer was unusually cheap. Apparently you can get takeaway beer from taverns here, and they were only 5 bucks! A friendly old man made conversation with me while I was at the tavern. Unfortunately I didn’t understand anything he said, I had to infer most of it. Still, it was nice and made me feel welcome.