Monkey Mia First Day

October 6, 2016
Australia Western Australia

Today is the first day of major MAJOR driving.


We gotta make it all the way back to Perth somehow! So we decided to stop at different points, but this includes a little bit more driving. A ‘little’ to some people might be 1.5 hours extra or so, but like a friend of mine said, when you’ve driven all the way to Exmouth, an extra 1.5 hours in the car can feel really, really long indeed.

road2 I think we’ve hit 2000km total now.


Grabbed some choco dipped bananas from Morel’s (again), and lunch at BP’s Desert Cafe. It was actually really bad, and tasted very packaged.


Overlander Roadhouse

The lady running the roadhouse was REALLY cranky, but at least there was a friendly dog. overlander

Shell Beach

Massive dunes of shells (not sand)! Also almost completely empty. shellbeach

Eagle Bluff


Beach with miniature island thing in the middle.

eaglebluff eaglebluff2 eaglebluff3


We just zoomed right past here.

Monkey Mia

Dolphin Resort!

Our neighbours have the MOST annoying kid ever. Baby was crying/screaming/yelling for HOURS.


Said baby is also the reason why this blog has almost no text. The baby stopped screaming about 15 minutes ago but the cries are still ringing in my memory.

So I can’t think! Please enjoy the above pics in place of my witty banter.