Monkey Mia Second Day

October 7, 2016
Australia Western Australia

So this is the second day at Monkey Mia.

We actually didn’t do anything noteworthy.

Our itinerary for today.

  • Sleep in
  • Watch some TV (Zootopia!)
  • Buy some water (we’ve had to ration our water since last night because we ran out)
  • See what the dolphins were up to (we missed them!)
  • Eat some instant noodles (with an egg of course)
  • Watch some K-Drama (W is SO good)
  • Nap
  • Write this blogpost while sitting on a bench outside

So far so good. Too bad we came all this way and didn’t see any dolphins though. We will try again tomorrow.

UPDATE: We initially planned on eating dinner at the Boughshed Restaurant which is inside the resort but we ended up cancelling that booking and eating at the Old Pearler’s over in Denham. Our neighbours with (the really annoying foster baby) recommended that place to us. In the end I guess it was nice to get out and about.


The food was average, not as good as Bill’s Tavern in Coral Bay. Actually the food at Bill’s Tavern was probably some of the best food we’ve ever had.

seafoodchowder Some seafood chowder. Steph’s seafood chowder is still superior, however.

seafoodplatter This cost $61. The lobster was boiled, not grilled. Also they used thousand island sauce all over the lobster which ruined it,

steakdianne This steak was okay was a bit chewy. Not bad though.

On the way back we murdered a rabbit with our car. It was unfortunate but this was the first killcount we’ve had this whole trip. It was dark and the rabbit just ran across the road without any warning. We felt a couple of bumps and that was that. :(