October 9, 2016
Australia Western Australia


And so ends our long loooong trek back.

Kudos to Steph for driving for what I think was 5 hours in total today!

We left Kalbarri in the morning and went to “Barbara’s Bake House”, which was someone’s house with a van that drives around delivering pastries! Turns out they started their first day off in three weeks today. So no pastries for us :(

We continued onward to Perth.

Next stop was Geraldton. We actually had really amazing food over at Fleur’s Cafe! I ate the steak stacker, and Steph had some sort of Chicken Dukkah thing. The steak thing was amazing, definitely try it out if you are in the area.


Oh yeah there was a random pink lake on the way as well. Its called the Hutt Lagoon and has a bunch of pink algae apparently. We were moving too fast so I couldn’t take a nice photo so here is a photo from Google.


Following that we went to Cervantes. This place was completely dead, so we found some fish and chips shop and ate some prawns.


And finally we went all the way to Perth.

Well technically we dropped by Currambine to eat dinner at Steph’s parents’ house. We ate gulé kambing, made by Steph’s Mum! It was great, we really missed Asian food as we have been surviving on cafe food for the past week.