July 11, 2016
Australia Sydney New South Wales


This is probably the third time I’ve been in Sydney. I’m only here for a few days but my thoughts on Sydney are usually pretty negative. Lucky this time I have a guide in the form of friends! Vic, Alas, Russ helped me around this massive city.


A startup space recommended by a friend of mine back in Perth. Its the only space that directly supports startups only, and does not accept small businesses or consultants. This is actually a problem in the spaces back in Perth, where there are not enough actual tech startups doing stuff.

Anyway I really enjoyed my time here. I didn’t get much actual networking done, but its really good to be able to work on my own stuff alongside other people.


USyd is near here, so a lot of students hang out in this area.


This was a trendy area to the East of Central station.


Koreatown! Seriously. This place mostly consisted of Korean stuff only. Its like Vic Park, but with even more of a Korean influence.



When I arrived I was super tired and my room wasn’t ready! Desperate for something, I ended up eating at the closest breakfast place I can find. It ended up being pretty good! Its in Potts Point and called Dove.


Ate some pretty cheap Thali with Victor, at 15 bucks its a good deal for what you actually get.


Great Ramen at Hakuta Maru Ramen.


I went kind of ice cream mad while here. Messina, Cow & Moon and some Turkish ice cream place. They were all excellent. I only wish I had the opportunity to try more flavours.


We tried going to a place called James for burgers (apparently they’re really good) but it wasn’t open yet! It opened at 5pm. We ended up going to Burger Fuel instead (an NZ chain). It was good anyway.


Super hip place, Norwegian/Japanese fusion brunch place. It was so cool it didn’t even have a sign in the front! No words, no icons, nothing. Just a brunch restaurant that was completely unmarked. Long wait too, ended up being 45 minutes or so.