Jimbaran 1

January 20, 2017
Indonesia Bali Jimbaran

Simple 15 Minute Trip

accomodation accomodation

The accomodation here is amazing! Made is a superhost, meaning that you really can’t go wrong with this place.


We rented a scooter.


This evening we had a traditional Balinese dance at the Ayana resort, unfortunately Google Maps has failed us!

![Google Maps directions]()

Do NOT take this route, you’ll die!

It was a beaten track, muddy, rocky, tree roots everywhere and we thought we were gonna die. Well Steph did anyway.

Luckily (?) we ended up in a villager’s backyard (!). The guy was just leaving his house so he showed us how to get back onto the road.

Thunderstorm was about to kick off so we ended up taking a taxi back and leaving the scooter at the resort!

Better News


We eventually made it!


The resort itself was absolutely amazing! The dance itself was absolutely bonkers bizarre, the food was pretty good and the resort itself blew me away.

food food food food

It was a buffet obviously.

Unfortunately during the dance there were a huge crowd of Chinese tourists behind us who kept talking, laughing, and generally making a fool of themselves. Oh yeah and one of the guys kept spitting into the bush next to us.

The Taxi Conspiracy

No matter what taxi you take, whichever driver or whichever company, the taxi driver will consistently tell you that it costs 150k flat rate to get anywhere in the Jimbaran area. What a rip! The Ayana resort that called the taxi told us to our face that the taxi will be using a meter, which was a lie. We bullied the guy into turning on his meter and the ride ended up costing half price, at 85k.