Jimbaran 2

January 21, 2017
Indonesia Bali Jimbaran


Our trusty host, Made, helped us get the scooter back.


He also makes us breakfast!

I rode on the back of his scooter and he took me to the Ayana Rimba Resort. I was worried that we’d get lost again, and guess what? We got lost! No problem though, more friendly villager types helped us out and we managed to get my scooter.


We grabbed some petrol on the way back. This one didn’t work though, so we opted for some street lady with reused vodka bottles instead. They never have change for big notes! And a big note is 10AUD…

We rode the scooter a little more today.

Riding to El Kabron

el kabron el kabron el kabron el kabron el kabron el kabron el kabron

El Kabron is a Spanish restaurant. The prices are around Perth level, but for that you get absolutely mindblowing food.

The rest of it is a rip though, you end up paying 20 bucks PER HEAD just to be able to go inside the pool. I mean, its a really nice infinity pool on the cliff, but so what? You’d pay 40 bucks for both us. Not to mention as soon as we started eating there was a massive storm so we wouldn’t have been able to use the pool anyway!

Riding to La Joya

la joya

la joya

So far so good. We took the scooter to La Joya. Had a thai style massage there this time.


This is a chair… I think.




We also got to use their pool for FREE! Hah!


The view was pretty amazing.

la joya

La Joya itself was interesting to walk around in.

Taxi to Jimbaran Beach

packed beach packed beach

The taxi to the restaurant was cheap! Only around 60k! This is because we took the ‘Blue Bird Taxi Group’ taxi. Be careful, because there is another taxi company that has a blue bird as their logo but is not the Blue Bird Taxi Group! Anyway these guys are great, you just request one on your app Uber style and they’ll arrive. You give them a secret number (2 digits) that is on the app, and away you go! With taxi meter of course.


It was pretty smoky!


We were trying to catch the sunset but missed it.

food food

So apparently seafood is the beesknees in Jimbaran. We took the taxi to Menega cafe and ate lobster, crab, prawn, clams. The food was not bad I suppose (except for the clams, I LOVED those), but it costed us 127AUD. This is because lobster is not cheap, and its a touristy area.


Also some musician buskers walked up to us and started playing music for us. Luckily I had small change because they asked for a tip right after. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t have any money? Would they beat me up or move on to the next couple? Regardless it was actually pretty good entertainment. A++ will tip again (if I have money)

corn There was a guy selling corn here and he was getting a huge number of customers! He was making bank. The guys next to him selling toys weren’t getting anywhere, I wonder why they don’t try and follow his example…

We ran into the taxi conspiracy again when we left La Joya. There was no internet so we couldn’t order a Bluebird taxi. There were around 50 taxi drivers just ready to pounce on us poor (rich?) tourists. Surprise surprise it apparently costs a flat rate of 150k to get back to our AirBnB. Steph was really cranky at the time because she had a bad stomach, so we just walked away. They were desperate for the business so we eventually got one of them to take us back to our accomodation for 90k. Still a rip though!

Going Home

Turns out that Tiger Air still is stealing all of the seats on Jetstar! Our flight was overbooked because we checked in too late! Damn Tiger… As Jetstar customers we should be getting priority! Anyway they were pretty apologetic about it and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise…

They put us on the next flight which would be in about 6 hours. Inconvenient!

hotel hotel hotel hotel

But luckily we were placed in the Novotel hotel for free. We also received 60USD room credit to spend on food and goodies.

food food

Not to mention they also gave us two vouchers totalling 600AUD which lets us use it on our next Jetstar flight! Sweet!