Seminyak 1

January 18, 2017
Indonesia Bali Seminyak

Seminyak Day 1

Today was migration day! We’re finally leaving Ubud and heading to Seminyak. Seminyak is allegedly the more upmarket area of Bali. Kind of like Kuta but more expensive.

We had a driver that took us all the way there.


The AirBnB was located on DoubleSix street, one of the main streets heading into the Double Six Beach.

It was actually pretty nice, except for the fact that the internet didn’t work. At least it had hot water and air conditioning.


It was actually a day of upset stomachs and overeating. Not that surprising considering us I suppose.

We had some nut croissants that we brought over from Ubud (Cafe Wayan and Bakery from the previous night. They were terrible!

Random hip place

Just had coffee and cake here.

coffee and cake

Babi Guling Pak Malen

suckling pig

This is a family style restaurant that sells suckling pig. Great stuff. We ate there twice! Their menu is quite simple, you have one main dish ($4), two juices (Lemon and Orange), tea, and that’s it. The order is written on a post it note.

A taxi driver tells us that their prices have shot up lately because of the increased influx of foreigners coming in. That it used to be $2 but has since doubled to $4.

The food was very hot. Tasty too!

Ikan Bakar Cianjur


This restaurant is owned by Steph’s Uncle and Aunty and was pretty amazing. We ate way too much as usual.

Man the food was so good here. It is a regional Indonesian style, so as a result the actual dishes and food were very different, with a focus on fish.

Steph’s parents’ Pie World had a branch here. We were offered some free pies but had too much food already so we declined. Also we picked up some tailored trousers from them.

Spicery Deli

spicery deli

spicery deli

spicery deli

The food here was highly rated, and I can happily confirm it was indeed amazing. Unfortunately the servings were too large! We over ordered and couldn’t barely start eating our mains dish.

I also had the best scotch eggs ever from here (not that hard, I’ve never had good scotch eggs).


Sticky pork ribs! This one was recommended by Steph’s Dad who insists it serves the best pork ribs in all of Bali.

Unfortunately I was kinda disappointed by the place. The ribs didn’t taste like they were proper slow cooked. The way the meat was slightly hard but still fell off the bone suggests that they did… something else, maybe pressure cooked it or something, I dunno. The chips were pretty tame too.


stupidly fashionable sunglasses

Clothes are so expensive in Seminyak. We’re talking at least Perth prices. Not to mention the styles themselves are uninspired and uncreative. Basically your typical global brands and stores.

We bought some stuff but were generally unhappy and disappointed with that was on offer.

Other stuff that happened

I left my phone in the taxi! After he dropped us off and sped off I checked my pockets for my phone (I do this compulsively) only to realise that they weren’t there! I didn’t have time to check my backpack if it contained my phone and it was very unlikely.

What was more likely was that I left my phone in the taxi! Oh no!

I sprinted after the taxi (my thongs clap clap clapping on the asphalt) running terminator style. I didn’t bother calling out to the taxi because his windows were closed! I was tempted to throw my box at the taxi but didn’t end up doing it. Luckily (REALLY luckily) a scooter passerby asked if I needed to get the taxi driver’s attention. I said yes and he helped me by beeping and yelling at the taxi driver for me. The taxi stopped.

Turns out I left my phone in the backseat, so I was very lucky that day.

Afterwards we went into the Minimart to acquire some cigarettes for Steph’s Dad (¯_(ツ)_/¯). The Minimart guy was kinda suspicious actually. Kept asking questions, was too friendly. I checked the receipt that he gave us and… all was in order. I guess he was just nice.