Ubud 2

January 15, 2017
Indonesia Bali Ubud

We were actually meant to have a cooking class today. We had to cancel it because we were tired and they changed the original time from afternoon to morning! So today will end up being a day of general exploration.

Our host provides breakfast which was really nice. Just omelettes and fruits. But still tasty.

We went to the exchange to get some money out. Turns out Australian dollar is doing really well (or IDR is not) so the rates are pretty good these days.


I wanted to hire scooter but turns out my international driver’s licence expired years ago. We had to walk everywhere instead.

Saw kids dancing Balinese style Dancing kids

Bamboo scaffolds! Bamboo scaffolds

We walked to sweet orange warung. Its a popular restaurant on TripAdvisor (ranked #2 allegedly) and so we had to check it out. It was pretty disappointing actually. The food was just average.

The view was great though. It was literally in the middle of a rice paddy. Getting to the actual restaurant was a feat in itself. Massive walks, going around rice paddies, walking up massive hills. I start to think that people just review the restaurant just to show off the fact that they managed to make it here in one piece.

You had to walk betweeen rice paddies to get to the restaurant as well, meaning a scooter wouldn’t have helped here anyway!

Walking to sweet orange Walking 2

Here was the food.

Lunch 1 Lunch 2 Lunch 3

We continued past the rice paddy after lunch.

Ducks 1 Ducks 2 Paddies

There was an extremely high danger zone after the paddies. It was basically planks of wood connecting cliffs together. We ran into a few other tourists along the way who were also like wtf is this?!

Plank 1 Plank 2 Plank 3 End

I (finally) got my luscious long locks cut at the ubud Men’s Barbershop. It cost me 10 bucks but ended up being a really good haircut!

Ubud Barbershop

We then decided to walk to the monkey forest. First we decided to stop at cafe Wayan and bakery to have cake and carrot juice. Cake 1 Cake 2

After a long long time we finally made it to monkey forest.

Monkey 1

We didn’t stay long. Turns out Steph hates monkeys, which was only exacerbated by the fact that she was attacked by a monkey during our stay at the monkey forest. We were sitting down for a rest. Monkey decides to sneak up on me and try and steal my bottle from my bag. Steph shoos away the monkey who FLIPPED OUT. Hair grabbing and biting! The park guy was useless, just stood there telling her to stand up and get away.

In the end I had to knock the monkey away.

Monkey 2 Monkey 3

I had to check out Hubud, one of the co-working spaces here in Ubud.

Hubud 1 Hubud 2 Hubud 4

Our feet were hurting from walking so much so we decided to go to the first massage place that popped up. This ended up being at 3point spa which was not bad. 10 bucks for an hour.

Went to bebek bengil was amazing with great views.

Front Pose View Dinner

Walked home and saw a sweet lightbulb shop along the way.

Light Shop 1 Light Shop 2