Ubud 3

January 16, 2017
Indonesia Bali Ubud



Our host was kind enough to prepare breakfast for us before we left. Today is the day we will go white water rafting.

The driver picked us up at 8:30am to go to Payung White Water Rafting. His name was Dhono and he was actually a really cool guy. We got his business card to share with people who might be in the area in the future.


Unfortunately right at the beginning we had to walk down 500 steps. These aren’t your typical steps, no, these are Indonesian stairs. So we had slippery stairs, muddy stairs, uneven stairs, missing stairs, all the way down. It was pretty challenging and by the end of it we’ve got jello legs.

It was pretty fun initially but Sgteph quickly felt really serious motion sickness (the rafting constantly bobbing up and down and spinning around would do that to you. At the halfway point she wanted to check out but there was no alternative. So we just finished the whole course.

During the rafting there was a tree trunk which dropped across the river. You could go underneath it but the guide accidentally went too close to where tree trunk meets water. As a result I got pinned underneath the tree trunk the rapids trapped me for a bit. I managed to wiggle out but that was pretty scary!

One of the rafts were capsized and 6 or so people were stuck in the water. Luckily they were okay.

At the end of the rafting we still had to walk up 300 steps! Steph couldn’t make it on her own, I had to assist. But we got there in the end.

We walked over to the (absolutely disgusting) showers, had lunch then went back to the AirBnB.

We were pretty pooped so luckily we booked a massage/spa thing at Sang Spa! It was pretty sweet, I ended up falling asleep during the massage and was snoring really loudly. I hope that shows that I’m appreciating the massage!

Sang Spa

For dinner we ate at Puspa’s Warung.

Pie Lady

Ads for pies at the restaurant.

Food Food Food


Also a taxi driver ripped us off. He charged 70k for a short 10 minute ride home. We were too tired from the day to argue back, which is on us I guess. It was raining too so we just wanted to go home. We asked how much it costs and he looked down in a suspicious fashion then gave us his figure.